Summer Salsa

Easy Summer Salsa

I use canned tomatoes for my recipe. You can use tomatoes you canned yourself, or fresh tomatoes.  If you use fresh, you may want to take out the seeds and drain some of the juice.


  • 3 regular sized cans of diced or whole peeled tomatoes

  • minced garlic to taste

  • salt to taste, I use about a teaspoon

  • fresh cilantro to taste, I use about a handful and pick some of the longer stems out

  • 3-4 jalapeno peppers, boiled for about 2 minutes

  • 1 medium onion

I put the onions, peppers, and cilantro at the bottom of my blender, and push the button for about 5 seconds.  Then I add the other ingredients, and chop until it is medium thick.  Don’t go too long or it will all turn into liquid!  (You could also use a food processor for this part.)

Beat the HeatServe with black beans, tortilla chips and sour cream.  Enjoy your quick summer lunch!

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