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Beat the Heat: Summer Cooking Without an Oven

Happy summer! While it’s been warming up for weeks, summer officially starts today. And, it’s just too darn hot to cook. Between the grill, kitchen appliances and cold recipes, we’ll hardly turn the oven on all season!

I do use the stove top, on occasion, as skillet meals don’t heat the kitchen quite the same way a baking oven will. One-dish meals are perfect—just toss it all in one skillet for a super simple meal on a hot day. My favorite summer dinners, though, involve keeping out of the kitchen altogether! In addition to passing dinner off to the hubby (oh, yes, we’re all about traditional gender roles there!), it keeps the hot mess outside. Later this season, I’ll show you how to grill a pizza.

That’s right, a pizza!

In fact, for the next several months, we’ll be featuring Beat the Heat recipes guaranteed to keep your kitchen cool. From grilling ideas to summer skillets to cold recipes, you’ll find plenty of ideas to get you through the summer. (And, if you have a recipe or idea you’d like to share, please let us know—we love guest authors!)

Beat the Heat

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