Art of Couponing: Matching Coupons

To maximize your grocery spending, you have to do more than just use coupons at the store. You need to store your coupons to use at the best possible time. Matching your coupon to a sale price will result in the greatest possible savings. In addition to tips, ideas and deal alerts, the Inexpensively network connects frugal bloggers in communities around the country to create store lists each week, matching the sale ads to the current coupons available.

There is little work involved for you—simply clip the coupons and purchase the products listed! Our store lists are available in a select number of states right now, but as our network grows we will be bringing deals to communities across the nation. If you follow our system for a month or two, you will start to notice your grocery bill dropping, even as you are sharing more with others. It may take a few months for you to save 50%, but you will notice significant savings as you go. The key to saving big is buying the items you use regularly when they are on sale, not just when you need them.