Art of Couponing: Coupon Storage

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You have probably seen the envelope-style coupon organizers the stores sell. You will need something larger for the coupons you will begin to amass as you clip and file multiple coupons each week. There are many ways to organize your coupons. One simple way is to date a file folder and slip the inserts into it each week. You will simply clip the coupon when you are ready to use. The weekly deals listed on this site will always have the date the coupon was released for your convenience.
The second storage system is a traveling file. The advantage to this one is that it is easily carried to the store with you so that you do not miss in-store specials or deals you missed in your planning. The coupons can be filed one of two ways—categorically or alphabetically. We recommend alphabetically by brand as trying to navigate endless categories can get confusing. There are many items you can use that you probably already have around the house—a recipe box, a baby wipes container, index card file, photo storage box, or a shoebox size storage tote. Be sure to get something that latches securely shut.
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The third filing system is a little more complex, but is beneficial for those who need visualization. The binder system is a bit more costly and time consuming to set up, but you will enjoy the ongoing benefits. First, get a zippered (this is key—we don’t want our coupons flying!) binder, divider tabs (blank for categorical filing, A-Z for alphabetical) and several baseball card protective sheets. File your clipped coupons in the slots. Several identical coupons will fit in each pocket. The biggest advantage to this filing system is that you can see each coupon at a glance rather than flip through a stack.

There is no right or wrong way to file as long as you get to the coupon you need when you need it.