How to Replace a Broken iPhone Screen

Here’s a little something that irritates the hubby — I drop my iPhone kind of a lot. As in, daily. It is surprisingly resilient. Yet he dropped his one time ever, a few years ago, and it shattered completely.

Luckily, we were eligible for an upgrade by then and managed to work out a free iPhone. When my best friend dropped her phone last week? She wasn’t so lucky. Enter YouTube — and one of my favorite things to buy on Amazon.

With this step by step video and a $25 iPhone screen replacement kit, the hubby was able to have her phone looking good as new in just a few hours. (Screen & Digitizer sets for other versions of the iPhone may vary in price.)

It is good to note that this process will void your phone’s warranty, if the screen damage hasn’t already done so. When you can’t get warranty assistance, this just may be worth a shot. (Then, try protecting your phone in an Otterbox or LifeProof case so it doesn’t happen again!)

Click here to buy an iPhone replacement screen kit.


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