1. I’m with you, Kay! It is SUCH A CHORE to decorate for every single holiday. I realized I was going nowhere fast with all of the holiday decorations I had accumulated (and I’m 23!), so I donated all of my Halloween and Valentine’s Day decorations. I now have one wreath that I hang on the door through the fall/Thanksgiving. I have a small tub of Christmas tree ornaments, an artificial tree, and a giant Christmas wreath that my mother and I made together. I never want to become a person who needs a storage shed for holiday decorations.

    • Red, I’m impressed that you donated those decorations. The reason I have so many tubs is from years of accumulating them. Instead of bulky keepsakes from vacation we buy one ornament that will trigger memories.

      When my kids are ready, they each will get many that are sentimental favorites of theirs.

  2. This one really hit home for me. I have a garage full of holiday decorations – close to 10 tubs for Christmas, a few for Halloween, 1 for Valentine’s Day, 2 for Thanksgiving and I’m sure there’s more!

    I’ve been talking to the hubby about this since I read Kay Lynn’s post. He’s been after me to eliminate some for awhile. I’m not ready to chuck them all but I did decide to cut it down to Christmas, 1 for Halloween (it’s my favorite!) and 1 for *everything* else.

  3. My mom decorated for all the holidays, so it’s a tradition I’d like to keep alive. I’ve bought all my decorations for 75%+ off after each holiday and my bins are easy to stack and store. It brings some excitement and enjoyment into our house, which I think is priceless.

    • CorrinRenee, I bought most of my Christmas decorations at 75% off sales as well. The exception is those vacation ornaments.

      I’m glad you enjoy decorating; for me it’s one more “have to”.

  4. I buy all of mine at 75% off too, but our bins are not easily stored and it creates chaos & stress in our house each time I want to switch them. If I were peaceful and happy about it, still, I’d keep it up.

    My Christmas decor, however, brings me much joy and I won’t be paring down the many, many totes we have in the garage! But, I do think long and hard about each (discount) purchase.

  5. It can be extremely expensive to decorate for each holiday. And that’s not even considering the people who REALLY get into it! I always wonder where people store all of those decorations when they are out of season – I guess that’s why they park on the street in a blizzard, even with a 2 car garage – the decorations have taken over!

    • Khaleef, it is amazing how many people can’t park one car in their 2 or 3 car garage due to stuff. I really try to be careful about collecting stuff we can’t or don’t use often.

    • You’re not alone from my observations. My company usually has a costume contest and I’ve learned to buy my costume early before the good ones are gone and I’m stuck with wearing a sheet (ghost) again!

  6. I agree with not spending too much on decorating for holidays. However, we still do for Halloween and Xmas because the children really enjoy it; desides, we don’t spend much money on decorating. For Halloween, we buy those $1 spider webs to put on the trees outside & go to a farm to buy a few pumpkins to carve. For Xmas, we buy a tree and decorate it with lights, candy canes and some ornaments we use over and over year after year. In all, we have 1 plastic bin in the basement with all of our decorating stuff.

  7. I like to decorate during the holidays but I also try to buy things that will last and are memorable, for example many of our Christmas tree ornaments were purchased as vacation souvenirs or made/given as gifts. I have limited storage too so I try to go with things I can use for more than one season/holiday. For example I mix harvest stuff in with my Halloween that I can keep around until Christmas. My Christmas decor has snowmen sprinkled in that I leave up until spring.


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