Rain Checks Are A Good Thing!

Rain checks typically do not expire so it is a good idea to go ahead and grab a couple for future use if the store runs out of the item at the time of sale. You can take advantage of the store sale with your coupons at a later date.

Duracell AA batteries

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Today, I was finally able to use a rain check I have had for a couple of months when Duracell AA and AAA 4 pack batteries went on sale for $2.19 a pack. I was able to use my .75 off coupons I had recently cut out of the P&G insert along with my rain check. It also happens to be triples so the batteries ended up being Free which was an even better deal than my original deal would have been. I bought the maximum which is three items. This is huge savings considering the batteries generally sell for $4.19 + a pack. I saved approximately $13 total just on the batteries. Although the coupons I had planned to use at the time of original sale did expire, I knew that the P&G flyer would come out with more of the same coupons at a later date.

Are you keeping up with and starting to understand how the savings adds up? You don’t have to capture every deal (that’s impossible) but there are many good deals out there that will keep money in your pocket and from reading the paper and watching T.V. things don’t seem to be getting any better in our economy — we may be on this sinking ship for a couple more years.

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