How do you verify a coupon?

In most instances, you will not need this site if you are using trusted coupon sites. However, it is easy to get lead astray on the internet. You may print a coupon from an unknown source and if this happens, you may check the validity here.  Just enter the code on the coupon in the Veri-fi Code box. There is a sample shown. I have only had to use this site twice in six months and my suspicions were right –if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

For those of you that have internet phones, next time you are at check out and the cashier is giving you trouble about your internet coupons — whip out your phone, go to the site and verify the coupon in front of the cashier. Every coupon has its own unique code.  Note: If you have two coupons with the same code — one or both are fraud.  99% of the time you will not have issues but because of coupon fraud, mfgs are really cracking down.

I recently read a post about how one lady was so upset because her Walmart would not take her internet coupons for the free Pace. In this case, she was trying to use all five at one time.  They were all legit coupons but the store refused to accept them because they were “internet print” coupons and the manager and assistant manager thought they were fake. She tried to convince them they were real and explain how she got the coupons from playing the game on the Pace manufacturer site.  This would have been a good time to pull out the phone and prove your point.

Personally, I don’t think the lady should have tried to use all the coupons in one store.  Some stores have limits on the number of like items you may purchase using coupons   I had four of the Free Pace coupons but I did not try to use them all at the same time.  I spread them out at a couple of different grocers as I made my weekly shopping trips.

Harris Teeter will not take “internet print” coupons on a FREE item but Target did accept my internet print “Free” product coupon.  The key to successful couponing is knowing your store policy and staying away from “too good to be true offers” you occasionally find floating around on the internet.

Tried and True Trusted Sites…

Smart Source

Red Plum

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