Big Gifts From Small Packages

It doesn’t take a lot to turn a small gift into a big presentation—you just need a simple way to make the gift look like more than it really is. We gave simple Starbucks gift cards to Stacia’s teachers this year in a coffee mug bouquet.

I cut a small piece of floral foam, slipped in a few candy canes and tucked in tissue paper crinkles that I already had at home. We used an inexpensive floral pick to include the gift card, but we could have just as easily used a few glue dots to stick it right to the candy canes.

It’s a really fun way to give a gift card, which are always appreciated & useful but tend to be a little boring under the tree.

Speaking of boring gifts, Brenia’s class requested school supplies in lieu of teacher gifts this year. I wanted to comply, but I also had a tough time letting go of offering a cute gift for each teacher.

We compromised with school supply wreaths. The classroom got needed items, the teachers each got a wreath & candy and Brenia got to have fun putting it all together. I used green wire & ribbon to tie the items to the wreath, but you can also use ornament hooks, if that’s what you have lying around.

I actually already had the wreaths, picked up on clearance last year. We could have created a gift basket too—themed baskets are another easy way to dress up small items. Pair bubble bath, candles and a CD into one gift. Create a movie night kit with gift cards, tickets or a DVD along with candy, soda and popcorn.

Right now, I’m working on a theme for the goofy, independent beers the hubby and I picked out for his cousins. Pretzels? Chips & dip?

Are you giving any gift baskets this year?

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