Receipt Storage & Tax Organization

Close-up of the receipts spooling outI completed my taxes a couple weeks ago—it took several days of almost nonstop sorting through paperwork, emails & online accounts. I actually thought it would take longer—which likely means I’ve missed some receipts & deductions. My disorganization costs money all the time!

I am so excited about my recent discovery—Shoeboxed is going to change everything this year! With this service, you send receipts, they scan & extrapolate the data to store & organize in a secure online account. Receipts get categorized so you can retrieve the information you need, when you need it. They even provide an email address to forward online receipts.

With 4 membership levels—including a FREE DIY version—you can choose a program that works for your family or business. I’m going with the Lite membership. It provides 50 scans per month & an email address for unlimited online forwards. If I go over, I can always scan & upload them myself, since that part is free anyway. The $10/month fee will fit nicely into our budget, and I’m pretty sure I’ll earn it all back next year—both in time saved & few missed opportunities.

Shoeboxed is offering a free 30 day trial right now—check it out and see what a difference organization makes in your life.


  1. Andy S says

    I can not thank you enough for the Shoeboxed recommendation! I had been searching for a way to get my ‘piles’ organized, and can not believe the services offered by these guys. I would have had to trawl my way through the many, many services out there, had you not been so generous as to post your findings. Thank you!

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