Non-Seasonal Items on Halloween Clearance

I stopped by Target yesterday, to take a quick look at the Halloween clearance—50% off for now, expected to move to 75% sometime this weekend.

I don’t need more seasonal decorations. I’m not buying costumes, now that my girls have opinions of their own. And, I was determined to steer clear of the candy aisle.

But, I can never resist a quick peek—just in case.

You just never know when you’re going to find something you could use all year long. I use my “Halloween” cupcake stand at every birthday party.

This week, I found out several themed piggy banks are included with Target’s Halloween clearance—how cute would the cowboy be in a kids’ Toy Story room?

There were small toys (great stocking stuffers!), character Pez dispensers and trick or treat buckets. Look for ones without Halloween decor, and you can also use them for toy storage, Easter baskets and birthday party centerpieces. I also found white taper candles, plain black serving dishes and brightly colored girls’ tights & leg warmers.

However, since I didn’t actually need any of that, I’m holding out for a bigger discount! I did buy white gloves from the costume section, to go with Lorelai’s Fancy Nancy costume.

Halloween may be over, but she’ll be reprising her role at a Fancy Nancy tea party this weekend for her birthday. And, the leftover Halloween candy will be added to the goody bags. Except the candy corn I bought on clearance—that’s all for me!

What are you hoping to find in the Halloween aisle this week?


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    After Halloween and Easter, I look for character-themed buckets to use as part of birthday gifts. I can usually find Batman, Spiderman, etc. and use that as the base for an art-themed or other gift of things I collect on sale.

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