FREE Custom Holiday Gift Tags

I used to buy gift tags on clearance each year after Christmas. The problem was either they didn’t stick or the space was too small to fit all our names. Sure, I could just write The Sokols—but I don’t. All gifts to family are from Spencer, Heather, Stacia, Brenia & Lorelai. Every time.

When Scary Mommy shared the brilliant idea of using business card freebies to create birthday gift tags, I had a brain storm. Couldn’t I do the same thing for Christmas with all the free address label offers? Yes, yes I could. I love our custom gift tags.

They were a big hit last year, and I still have plenty left. For about the next 10 years. We even designed them a bit generic—they aren’t just for Christmas. We can slap a Sokol family gift tag on birthday gifts throughout the year as well.

If you want a holiday theme, though, Vistaprint has plenty in their free address label designs.

On the “Full Name” line, type “To” then several spaces to align the text to the left, leaving your room to write. On the 2nd address line, write whatever signature you want pre-printed. These are return address labels, so they aren’t very big—but they do the job and are super cute.

And, free. Did I mention free?


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