3 Ways to Dine for Less on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner—are you celebrating? Our evening typically features a candlelight dinner for five. It started when we didn’t have a babysitter, and it continues years later out of tradition.

The fact that it’s more frugal than dinner out is just a bonus at this point, but cooking from home is always a great way to save money on date night. However, there’s something to be said for getting away and enjoying an evening out.

Here are 3 great ways to go out for dinner for less:

Begin at the Beginning

You don’t have to order a whole meal, to enjoy a dining experience. The hubby and I actually go out often, just for an appetizer or two. We can share an appetizer spread for far less than the cost of two dinner entrees.


Who says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day during, you know, the daytime? A lunch date can make for significant savings, especially if your children are in school. It eliminates the need for a babysitter. Plus, many restaurants offer lunch menus at a discount.

Just Desserts

I don’t think there’s anything more sexy than sharing a dessert with the hubby. Enjoy a meal at home, then linger over a special dessert or after dinner drinks. It’s an inexpensive way to snag a small part of the dining experience.

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  • krantcents February 09, 2012 @1:33PM Reply

    We celebrate by bringing dinner. We eat by candlelight near the fireplace and it makes for a very romantic dinner.


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