Your Local Library: More Than Just Free Books

The library is one of my favorite ways to save money on books. I’ve been to my library several times already this year, and we visit at least weekly all summer long. It’s a great way to keep up on my reading, without spending a fortune. And, it’s not just about the books!

Sure, the library also has DVDs, audio books and eBooks, but it also opens a world of opportunity inside its doors. Most libraries have special events throughout the week for even more value. Some events are free, while others may have a fee attached. Check with your local branch for details on programs, classes, and expert advice.

Here are a few opportunities available at public libraries:

  • Free Internet Access: The library is my go to place to work on school breaks. I can use the free wifi, while the kids read, join clubs or play in the children’s section. It’s also where I went when the air went out this summer, and I still needed to be on the computer. Or, the first place I think of when the DSL goes out at home.
  • Tax Forms & Assistance: Since the IRS is no longer mailing tax forms, you can find them, as always, at your local library. Many branches area also offering tax assistance or classes.
  • Computer Skills Classes: Gain valuable skills for work or personal use through computer skills classes at your local library. My own library offers basic skills like office programs, email and social media as well as advanced classes for those who need a little more information.
  • Fun & Games: Libraries are also a great source of family fun & entertainment. We’ve been to animal entertainers, meet the author nights, craft days, and special events. The children’s department also has Legos, Wedgits and computers just for kids.
  • Clubs & Social Events: Book clubs are a natural fit for the library. Ours also has a knitting club, euchre club, teen clubs, and various kids’ clubs based on special interests. My girls seem to have outgrown the Webkinz Club, but we’ll keep an eye on what’s next.
  • Story Hour: I’ve been going to the library since my teen was just a little tyke. We’ve graduated through baby stories, toddler time and preschool story hour. The school aged story hour features a related craft each week.
  • Homeschool Classes: Our library has recently started offering several classes for homeschool families. I’ve seen Spanish, creative writing, art, and science in the last couple years. It’s a great resource for those who want additional skills for their educational choice.



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