Why You Should Have an AMC Stubs Card

On Friday, the hubby and I went to our 2nd movie all year. Last night, I went to the theater again with some friends. And, yes, both times I saw the eagerly anticipated Hunger Games.

I love, love, love the Hunger Games books, and I couldn’t wait to see the movie! It did not disappoint. (Which is rare—I hardly ever like movie adaptations.)

The first time we went, I used my Stubs card to buy our tickets, adding $20 to our accumulating balance. Then, we hit the concession stand. I know, I know. It’s a total racket. I just can’t help it. I won’t tell you what we spent, but I did get a free upgrade on the popcorn and drink with our Stubs card.

Yesterday, I used my Stubs card to buy my ticket—and swiped it again when my friend bought hers since she doesn’t have a card. By the time I got to the concession stand to buy my drink, I had $10 free to spend, with money leftover for the next movie I want to see. (Anybody wanna go to The Hunger Games with me again? So. Not. Kidding.)

That Stubs cash adds up faster than I ever expected! Or, I’ve never really stopped to think about how much a movie costs. But, here’s the thing: I get full price credit on a movie ticket, even if I’m exchanging a promotional certificate! So, I earned $20 with One for the Money, even though I bought our ticket voucher for only $12 on Groupon.

The Stubs card costs $12 per year, but the benefits have already paid for it in my eyes. Here is what you get as a Stubs member:

  • $10 FREE for every $100 you spend: At $10 each jut for tickets, it adds up fast!
  • FREE upgrades on popcorn and soda: Want a large for free refills? Pay for a medium!
  • Online ticket fees waived: Purchase your tickets in advance, through Fandango, and enter your Stubs card at checkout to have the e-ticket fee waived.
  • Advanced preview offers: I saw Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part I at 8pm on the Thursday before it was officially released.

Plus, they frequently offer specials for joining Stubs. Right now (through Thursday), you can get a free large popcorn or soda when you buy a Stubs card. And, you totally should. It’s so worth it!


  1. Equipoise says

    I wish you wouldn’t promote that scam. They’re making you PAY to be “rewarded” for something you already pay for. That’s offensive to me. I used to have one of their MovieWatcher cards, loved it, and had hundreds of points that just disappeared when they came out with Stubs. To add insult to injury they wanted me to PAY for Stubs? No thank you. I go to the movies more than any sane person (I saw 366 movies in the theater last year, and I’m at 151 so far this year), it’s my primary hobby, I mainline movies like crack, but I rarely go to AMC anymore. I stick with Regal or indie art houses now. I only go to AMC when I absolutely have to, there’s no other choice, and then I use Costco passes. I think I’ve been there twice this year, when I used to go dozens of times. Plus, besides the principle of the thing, I have no intention of letting them have my credit card number so they can auto-renew me every year.

    • says

      It’s not uncommon to pay for perks & rewards. The key is being sure you will earn your money back. I have earned what I paid twice over so far, and I still have 6 months left in my membership. I also have a Regal card, but it doesn’t seem to earn as quickly. I used it for a year before I even got free popcorn. With the AMC Stubs card, I even get a bonus upgrade on my concession snacks every single time.

    • Christina says

      In response to the first comment. I would just like to tell you that if you were a moviewatchers member then when the stubs program first came out AMC sent out an email to all the addresses they had to let the moviewatcher members know, and they offered a free one year membership to stubs. And if time the renewal of your stubs membership right then you can get a coupon like the one mentioned above, or at christmas time this past year we lowered the membership price to 6 dollars. And I say this because I used to work at AMC. Also in response to the Unfortunate Stubs Member I am sorry that the concessionist did not give you the upgrade, because in my opinion that is the best benefit to stubs. However, the employees are required to ask every customer if they have a stubs card, and if they don’t you can always report them to a manager. Or if they forget to ask you can always get a receipt and go to the Guest Services counter and tell them. They are able to credit what you spent (this includes tickets also) to your stubs account.

  2. Helen says

    I agree; I use the Stubs program and I actually don’t make it to the movies that often at all, yet I only have to reach $100 once (not hard to do these days at the movies with a family of 4) to almost pay for it. As far as I’m concerned, ANY program that I make out in the end is worth it. As long as I save more than I am paying. It all adds up, especially in this economy! If Equipoise pays $12 each time for his/her ticket and saw 366 movies, the amount paid total was $4,392 (wow . . . ouch). If $10 back is earned on every $100 spent, that’s $439.20 saved, plus an upgrade on all snacks. Plus the e-mails you get with little free things throughout the year. And add onto that the amount spent on snacks, we’re talking over $500 back probably. Well worth the $12 fee and way beyond being stubborn for the principle of the thing. Sorry Equipoise, I respectfully have to say you are crazy for not taking advantage! You should have the last laugh because I’m sure they never expect to have to pay someone back that much money in rewards!

  3. Unfortunate Stub Member says

    The program only works if you get the benefits described in the program. If you present your card at the concession stand, you may not get your upgrade unless you specifically ask for it. Don’t expect the AMC attendant to suggest, remind, or offer you the upgrade even though you provide them with your Stubs Card. It is to AMC’s benefit not to give you the upgrade.

    • Jacob says

      As a fellow employee at AMC, if you don’t specify you want to upgrade to the next size, the computer reduces the price to the lower size. Therefore your point is invalid.

  4. says

    If you know your spending habits, and actually READ the terms and conditions, the price of membership pays for itself after $200. You can’t just buy something and hope it works, you have to know what you’re getting into. I recommend for those who know how much they plan on spending at their local AMC, and if it is anywhere near $200, the card is entirely worth it.

  5. says

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  6. Chris says

    I used your number because I couldn’t find my own card and didn’t want to pay the service fee, but I didn’t steal the $10 reward you have waiting. You should delete your post before someone does.


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