6 Ways to Reuse Popcorn Tins (Plus Popcorn Factory Coupon Code)

If you received a popcorn tin for Christmas or Valentine’s Day (or plan to purchase the Superbowl XLV commemorative tin!), the Popcorn Factory has some great ideas to reuse your empty container.

I’m a sucker for popcorn, and these tins always call my name—I like to take the insert out and mix it up Chicago-style. Once the popcorn has been devoured, I’m always left wondering what to do with the empty tin.

Here are a few awesome ideas:

  1. Ice Bucket: Fill the tin with ice & your beverage of choice for a roomy ice bucket.
  2. Toddler Seats: With the lid on, these tins are the perfect size for young children.
  3. Party Tin: Fill with napkins, paper plates & cups for a great party-to-go kit.
  4. Floral Center-piece: Pickup a colorful bouquet (much less expensive now that Valentine’s Day is behind us!) and place in water-filled tin.
  5. Party Favor: Makes a fun party favor or door prize for guests at your next party.
  6. Wastebasket: Use a rubberband to secure a grocery sack to the tin for a fun trash container in your home office or bedroom.

If you feel like you’re missing out now, use coupon code WINNER for $10 off $50 at the Popcorn FactoryThe Popcorn Factory. Coupon code expires March 31, 2011—and, I can personally recommend anything that includes their fabulously delicious popcorn balls.

I received a Packers Commemorative tin from the company (which we’re gifting to my cheesehead mother-in-law). Plus, I ate my weight in popcorn balls at BlogHer. All opinions are, as always, 100% real & honest.


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