Saving Green by Living Green

Living “green” is a hot topic these days. Not only is it great for the environment, but much of it can be great for your wallet too.

You’ve probably seen the bags available at the grocery stores recently. These can be an easy organizational tool and budget friendly. They cost only $1.00 and hold much more than the plastic or paper bags traditionally used. Use 1 for each store to not only carry groceries home, but sort coupons. If you plan to visit more than one store in a week, put your grocery list & coupons in a bag for that store, keep them in your car and stop at the store fully prepared when it fits into your schedule. Many stores will even give you a cents off credit for not using their disposable bags. It won’t take many trips for the bag to pay for itself!

There are several low cost ways to avoid using other disposable items. Swiffers are another great trend, but the refills really add up. Purchase a package of washable microfiber towels from the auto department instead. You can cut these to fit, wash and reuse. The static cling in the material is just as good, if not better, at collecting dirt, dust & hair than the expensive disposable products. Use dish towels over paper towels. You can even try cloth napkins over disposable.

There are also many natural cleaners that are better for the environment and cheaper than their harsh counterparts. Vinegar makes a great fabric softener, glass cleaner and dishwasher rinse at less than half the price. Baking soda works well on slow drains, but is better for the septic system than expensive clog removers.

Check out our shop’s Going Green department for more recommendations. With just a few simple changes towards living green, we can save a little green of our own!