The Scan Right Guarantee

The latest issue of All You magazine has arrived, and you may have noticed my mug on page 19, spilling the beans on one of my favorite tricks for free groceries—the Scan Right Guarantee. (You may also have noticed another familiar face!)

Kroger stores and affiliates offer a Scan Right Guarantee, to protect you from being overcharged on items that do not scan correctly.

It happens to everyone—signs are left up after a sale, prices aren’t updated in the computer system, and once in awhile, an item will ring up higher than the listed price. With the Kroger guarantee, this is a good thing for our family.

I simply take the item and my receipt to the service desk after paying for my groceries and the entire price is refunded. But, I get to keep the product! It’s a nice reward for keeping an eye on your grocery receipts.

The key is to pay first, then request your refund. If you alert the cashier, they will simply correct the price for you. When the service desk has to refund the price on your receipt, you will get the item for free instead.

This worked well for us a few weeks ago, when the $12 box of cat litter I bought rang up $13.49!

I’m also not above buying the same item the next day, just to see if it’s been fixed. I was willing to pay for it at the sale price to begin with, so why not grab another one? The Scan Right Guarantee has been a surprising source of freebies almost every week!

What would you want to get for free?

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