Shop at ALDI and Save!

Think ALDI is just a place for dented cans and rotten produce?  Think again!  You can save hundreds of dollars a month by shopping “ALDI Smart.”  But if you’ve never been before, you might feel a little out of place and overwhelmed on your first trip.  Here are some of my favorite Royal Money Saving Tips for shopping at ALDI.

1) Bring a Quarter.  At ALDI, you “rent” your cart.  It’s just one of the ways they cut down on overhead.  No one to push carts in the lot = lower prices on food.  As a result the carts are actually in a lot better shape because no one leaves them out in the elements.  So find a secret place in your car to stash a quarter {and DON’T spend it}.  The cashiers have been wonderfully gracious to me from time to time when I needed to exchange two dimes and nickel, too.

2) Cash or Debit Only.  You can’t use checks or credit cards in ALDI.  So either snag some cash {cash is ALWAYS best when grocery shopping} or know your debit PIN number.

3) Bring Your Own Bags.  Another way ALDI passes along savings to you is buy making bags available for purchase or allowing you to bring your own.  There’s no discount for bringing your own bags and the ones available for purchase are affordable.  But if you can, stash yours in the trunk after unloading your groceries so they’re ready and available for the next trip.  Or you can always pick up a random box in the aisle and use it to haul your goods home, too.

Want to discover even more ways to effectively shop at ALDI?  Check out 5 Tips for Shopping at ALDI on Queen of Free!

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