How To Create Your Own Coupon Shopping List

I love providing you with weekly grocery lists to help your family shop inexpensively, but the last few months have been a bit rough around here. First, there were my eye issues. Then, back to school chaos, followed by a well-earned graduation celebration vacation. Next up, a series of birthdays & the holidays.

I do have our geek department hard at work on a new system to make creating our grocery lists easier for our contributors, to make the lists more consistent for our readers. I am not abandoning you, but I do want to equip you will the tools you need to build your own coupon shopping list when you need it.

As it turns out, Dian from Grocery Shop for FREE has already created an awesome system for just that—Team Inexpensively is pretty much awesome! Print her coupon shopping list, and watch her video. Once you have ads & coupons in hand, you’ll be ready to compile your own coupon matching grocery list.

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