Double Duty Groceries

We need a little of this, buy a little of that and before we know it our pantry is overflowing and our budget is out of control. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Hair conditioner works great as shaving cream on legs.
  • Hairspray is the best thing out there for removing ink stains on clothing!
  • An extra toothbrush is also helpful in the laundry—just use the bristles to scrub stains.
  • Cake mix is not just for cakes & cupcake. You can make cookies, bars and more. In fact, there are entire cookbooks and websites devoted to cake mix recipes.
  • Vinegar can do more than dye eggs! It is a natural, safe cleaner. Check out for hundreds of ideas all over the house.

With a little creative thinking, we can buy less and save money on things we use every day!