Cyber Monday Deals: Proceed with Caution

I’m not a fan of Cyber Monday. At all. It’s basically a made-up thing, designed to capitalize on the Black Friday frenzy and keep you shopping. The problem is, the deals aren’t really there.

You will find a few good Amazon Lightening Deals and a handful of small business deals (45% off Flirty Aprons with coupon code CYBERFLIRTY today!), but most major retailers exhausted their bargains on Black Friday.

When shopping for deals today, keep these tips in mind:

  • Compare regular prices. The above photo is actually a Cyber Monday deal that sold out, even though the price is marked up from regular retail. Check the regular price, compare stores, and be sure you aren’t paying more, just to order online today.
  • Check reviews. Be cautious with amazing deals on electronics. Know the brand, read reviews, and take care to buy quality that will last past the holiday season.
  • Know what you need. Do not buy a great deal just because the price is right. If it isn’t something you would buy anyway or you don’t have a specific person in mind for the gift, it isn’t a good deal. (Check out our holiday gift planning guide, too!)
  • Include shipping in price comparisons. If the price of shipping would make the item cost more, skip it and find a better deal in stores later.
  • See it in person. Don’t be afraid to head to a retail store to try on clothes, get a feel for electronics or compare quality for yourself. Sure, it slightly defeats the purpose of shopping online, but you’ll be sure to know what you’re buying.
  • Find out about warranties and returns. If something doesn’t work out, you need to be able to get your money back after the holidays. Most retailers are offering extended returns for the holiday season, but this doesn’t always apply to online purchases.

This post originally appeared on 11/26/12.


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    I believe in Number 4, it is important to see and check the items you want to buy, verify the quality or if there is any defect. This will avoid waste of time and money when you return the stuff due to imperfection.

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