Consignment Shopping Tips

We are heading into the consignment shopping season.  Prepare yourself to find tremendous bargains with IKC’s top consignment shopping tips.

First, you want to be prepared. You will need to take some time to do a little bit of prep work.  Take a look at what you have for the next few months for each child.  Then make a list of what you might need.  You can even trace your kid’s feet on a piece of cardboard and take it with you to the sale. 

Many times people don’t think about gifts they might need throughout the year.  At the IKC sale, we get plenty of brand new items. So, get some birthday and Christmas gifts crossed off your list.

Next, you will want to dress for shopping.  Make sure you wear comfy clothes and shoes. You should plan on spending a couple hours at the sale.  It’s not the sort of thing you run in and out of.  If you don’t have to carry your purse, don’t.  Put your cash or credit card and driver’s license in your pocket.  Hands free is the way to go.

Consignment sales are so fun to go to with girlfriends.  So, if at all possible, leave your kids at home. Come find bargains and save your family a ton of money.  If you have properly assessed your needs, you won’t need your kids there to check sizes.  If you do need to bring them, make sure you check the sale’s website to see if there are times when kids and/or strollers are not allowed.

Every consignment sale has peak hours. These are usually the first few hours they are open to the public and again during the half price sale, if they have one.  Everyone loves to find a bargain, and there is plenty for everyone.  Please remember, if you choose to visit the sale during these hours, to be kind and patient.  The lines are longer during, and the people working checkout are likely volunteers.

Lastly, if you are a consignment shopper it is always worth a second trip.  Many sales have times their consignors can bring restock items and almost all have a half price sale on the last day. You will definitely find more bargains if you visit the same sale twice.

This is a guest post by Lori, who has been involved with Indy Kids Consignment Sale for six years and a part of running it for two years. She is a thrifty mom and loves helping to provide the community with great consignment opportunities. Indy Kids Consignment will be holding its 10th sale at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds September 17-19 and expects to have over 200 consignors with 30,000 bargain items to choose from.

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