Christmas Clearance: Beyond Trees and Lights

There are only 364 days until Christmas—it’s time to stockup on wrapping paper, greeting cards and stocking stuffers. Of course, I’m only partly kidding. Holiday clearance deals begin now, and the prices will continue to drop all week. This is when I purchase my wrapping paper, gift tags and holiday trinkets to use in next year’s stockings. Most stores are at 50% off for all Christmas products. This includes not just decorations, wrapping supplies and other obviously Christmas items but great deals on products you can use all year long.

Christmas is the best time to stockup on linens—if you use tablecloths, napkins and decorative table runners all year as we do, you’ll find awesome prices on “holiday” packages. Most of them are not Christmas specific so keep an eye out for your favorite sizes. This is also a great time to buy items that are designed as gifts—watch for gift-boxed items such as gloves, electronics and toys. You’ll also notice a lot of “stocking stuffers” that can be used for Easter baskets, party favors and chore rewards. Look for toys, beauty products and trinkets free of snowflakes, holly and Christmas designs.

Beyond the holiday aisles, markdowns are also happening throughout the stores. Retailers keep overstock of electronics and toys for the holiday shopping season. At Target, there is already an entire aisle of 30% off toys, every end cap is stocked with clearance and you’ll find more toy markdowns up every aisle. My oldest has a birthday in just over a week so I used to do all my shopping for her during the first week of January. Of course, she has moved beyond toys as she turns 14 but winter clothing is being clearanced already as well!

If you venture out, I’d love to hear about your bargains. For the last few years, I’ve set about to increase our Christmas music collection, but I think we’re finally set there. This year, I’m seriously considering a new, taller Christmas tree — we’re already running out of room for the girls’ ornaments and adding another child is only going add to it.

What are you on the hunt for this season?

Originally published 12/29/09


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    I was able to take advantage of the sales from home! Just before Christmas, I replace our dishwasher. They gave a 60 day price guarantee. They matched a sale price from another retailer which yielded $71.34. Not bad for a phone call!

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    I totally agree with this post. After-holiday sales are where you can find the greatest deals. A Christmas tree might be a far stretch, but a fake tree this time of the year might be something you consider buying and putting in the closet.
    Also clothes shopping can be huge this time of the year as well, look for winter clothes to go on sale as soon as spring starts to roll in and the season ends.


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