Inexpensive Vacation Souvenirs

We just returned from a fabulous few days in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The weather was perfect, our hotel was comfortable, the food was fabulously gluten free, and the whole family had an amazing experience on Cape Ann.

We saw lighthouses. We swam at the beach. We whale watched. We climbed rocks on the shore. We sailed the Atlantic. We watched the sun set over the harbor. We visited a castle.

We soaked up every bit of Gloucester that we could fit into 3 days. And, desperately wished we could bring it back home with us!

I think we have half the beach on the floor of our car, but we don’t spend a lot of money on real souvenirs. Here are a few of my favorite, inexpensive vacation mementos:

  • Magnets: I’ve tried the uncluttered look before, but I really just missed my girls’ drawings, school notes, and recipes. I also keep a grocery list on the fridge, where the hubby and I can each keep track of what’s running low. Most of it is held up with travel magnets collected through the years. They typically cost only a few dollars and capture a bit of each trip we’ve taken.
  • Ornaments: This is one of my favorite souvenirs — each year, on Tree Trimming Night, we get to relive the memories of vacations past. Most gift shops will carry ornaments all year round — and they’re usually less thn $10 each. We just picked up Santa riding a humpback whale, in honor of our whale watching expedition.
  • Photos: Of course you’re taking pictures along the way, but I always try to think of photos that will fit into our everyday home decor. I took about 100 lighthouse pictures this week for the downstairs bathroom. That’s the theme we chose when we moved to this house in the first place. With photos of lighthouses we’ve actually visited, the decor will be a little more personal. I can’t wait to sort through the 600 pictures we took and find a few to print. Better yet — I think I’ll order a (free) canvas or two!

What is your favorite vacation souvenir?

Photo: Sunset over the twin lighthouses on Thatcher Island, as seen from Good Harbor Beach

We were hosted at Cape Ann by Gloucester Tourism and several area businesses. All opinions and photos are 100% our own!


  1. says

    Souveneirs (especially the ones at the gift shops) are so expensive! Glad to see that someone knows how to save some money from souveneirs.

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