17 Days Until Christmas: Easy, Frugal, Homemade Gifts (Soap Dispensers)

The Countdown to Christmas is on—17 days until Christmas.

Kid-Friendly Christmas Crafts

decorative hand sanitizerI love to buy practical gifts for people, but I also like to give something a little more personal. These decorative soap & hand sanitizer dispensers have the best of both worlds.

They are one of my favorite frugal gift ideas—perfect for teachers. Too bad our girls have the same teachers year after year. I guess I can’t reuse this one!

All you’ll need for this project are stickers, ribbon and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

I’ve found the Germ-X brand labels peel off with little effort. Softsoap also makes a foaming hand pump with a wrap-around label that comes right off. I bought several on Halloween clearance—they can easily be reused for this project once the label is removed.

  1. Peel the label off of your soap or sanitizer.
  2. Decorate the front with festive stickers, rubs or adhesive gems.
  3. Tie a ribbon around the pump, if desired.

See how easy that is? My girls designed their own last year, and I still see them in use around the school. This year the teachers have asked for classroom gifts in lieu of individual items, but I think the girls will miss the chance to create something special. Maybe I’ll let them decorate some votive candles—that project costs even less!

Do you give a teacher gift for the holidays?


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