Rx Savings

prescriptionIt’s that time of year again—everyone is sick! Just when you think you are getting well, it hits the next member of your family. When the illnesses arrive, the medication costs hit hard. Luckily, the stores in our area all run their own special programs to get us in the doors for our medicine. It turns out, the best place to pickup your prescriptions isn’t always the pharmacy!

Wal-Mart & Kroger both have $4 Generic Programs in their store pharmacies. You can find a list of over 300 on each store’s website. Marsh is helping growing families with their new prenatal vitamin program-3 different vitamins for free! Meijer has several generic antibiotics they will give you completely free with a prescription. If it is on their list, you can have it! There are no qualifications for these programs other than a prescription from your doctor. It doesn’t even matter if you have insurance or not! You can take advantage of the deals either way.

Another option to save you money is to watch for coupons. Various pharmacies and grocery stores are always working to get you into their store so they will often offer bonuses when you transfer your prescription to their pharmacist. CVS will give you $1 through their ExtraCare Bucks program for every 2 prescriptions you fill. Others will offer coupons for gift cards, gas or discounts. Typically, you only need to take the coupon to the store with your empty prescription bottle. They will handle the transfer, bill your insurance when available and give you a gift card or check to use elsewhere in the store.

It pays to pay attention and use the discount programs available to you at your nearest stores.