Fit & Frugal: Fitness & Dance Classes

One of the most fun & motivating things has been my Zumba class with MFJ. We have fun together, and a set schedule keeps us coming back week after week.

The only problem is, that can get a little pricey, but we’ve found a few ways to keep it in our budget. If you already belong to a gym, the classes may be included, but I do most of my workouts from home so I have to get a little more creative.

The Zumba passes we’re currently using were purchased through Eversave. I’ve seen similar deals for fitness classes & gym memberships on Groupon, Living Social and other daily deal sites. I also found, through the official Zumba fitness website, dance classes at a local church for as low as $2 each.

I have also taken a weekly dance class at my own church, as part of the worship arts team. We learn a different style of dance each month, and it’s completely free! Here are a few other places to check out for free & frugal classes:

  • Churches & Community Centers
  • Park & Recreation Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries & Schools

So, what’s your poison? Pilates, Yoga, Step…? I’d love to hear what keeps you moving!

Photo Credit: Lululemon Athletica


  1. says

    Nothing organized! I love riding my bicycle. I can get caught up in the various stuff like a new jacket (current one is 10 yrs old), shorts (6 are over 5 yrs old), and stuff for the bike such as new tires, chain or bottle. It is easy to spend money. I ride anywhere from 2-7 days a week depending what time of the year and weather.


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