Fit & Frugal: Discount Gym Memberships

If at-home workouts aren’t for you, the challenge will be finding a gym you like that is within your budget. Personally, I prefer to workout in the privacy of my own home—no one needs to see that!—but, there are definite advantages to a gym membership. Access to fitness classes, personal trainers, plenty of equipment & weights and childcare.

Childcare is probably the biggest draw, when I think about a gym. Right now, I try to workout while the girls are in school. Lorelai likes to act as my manager, when I’m exercising while she’s home. She controls the timer, helps me count and brings water when I need it. But, it would be nice to know she had some place safe & fun to play while I’m focusing on fitness.

Here are a few ideas for finding discounts on a membership:

  • Employee Benefits: Many employers offer discounts, free memberships or reimbursements for gyms & fitness products. Check with HR to find out how to take advantage of these benefits, especially since they aren’t always common knowledge. The hubby had access to a fitness reimbursement with a prior employee, but we didn’t find out about it until 2 years into the job!
  • Guest Pass: If a gym offers unlimited guest passes, it might be worth splitting the cost of a membership with a friend. It’s often more fun to workout with a buddy anyway!
  • Special Offers: Check with the gyms in your area for free trial offers & special discounts. These are pretty common in the fall, when few people are diving into a fitness routine, and January, when they’re looking to take advantage of New Year’s resolutions.
  • Daily Deals: Keep an eye on Groupon, EverSave and other daily deal sites. I have seen membership offers in the past, and I’m sure they’ll continue. This is the perfect business for daily deals, since people will sign up for the deep discount, then continue as a regular member.

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