Inexpensive Fall Fun

HarvestHappy Autumn, my frugal friends! This is my absolute favorite time of the year—the air is crisp and cool, the food is fantastic and the fun, fall activities are plentiful (and often free)! As much as we love the sunshine, I long for cooler weather. It truly is a joy to be outside with my girls in the autumn breeze. This is when our family fun kicks into high gear so we can enjoy the outdoors before we’re ready to hibernate for the winter.

The plethora of events in Autumn months only enhances the season. Every community has its own ways to celebrate—harvest festivals, sporting events, apple & pumpkin fairs and the tail-end of farmer’s market season. Check the schedule of events at area parks, libraries, churches, visitors’ bureaus and other community centers for information and details on festivals in your area. You’ll find hayrides at pumpkin patches, corn mazes at farmer’s markets and great deals at u-pick orchards.

Sharing AppleOne of my very favorite fall family activities is picking apples at the local orchard. I love this one, especially, because it is basically free—you pay only for the apples you select. Picking your own apples is much cheaper than purchasing at a grocery store. You’ll have a memorable afternoon exploring the trees and choosing your own apples for nothing more than the price of inexpensive fruit. Many sites will even offer tours, if you ask, so you can learn a lot about the different types of apples and their apple cider process.

We are heading the orchard this Saturday and I can already taste the fresh applesauce and pie. The girls are looking forward to their annual apple cider slushies (we don’t end up getting out of there completely free—the farm we have selected just has too many awesome treats!). Oh, how I love fall foods! Did you see the Bus Stop Breakfast idea from Queen of Free? While I’ve definitely missed the boat on the first day of school (and, also, my kids don’t actually ride a bus), I’m picturing fresh pumpkin muffins, homemade applesauce and delicious zucchini bread!

What is your favorite part of the season?

Be sure to check out our state sites for ideas and events in your area:


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    Even cheaper than picking at an apple orchard, is picking them out of your own backyard or your parents backyard, lol. There is an apple orchard in Santaquin, Utah. We have been there in the past. You don’t get to pick your own apples off the tree but you can pick a box from the cooler.:) They have many varieties of apples. They also have a little store where you can buy many apple related things. I believe they even have apple fudge (but don’t quote me, its been a while).

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