12 Days Until Christmas: Holiday Movie Marathon

The Countdown to Christmas is officially down to the 12 days of Christmas.

I love Christmas episodes of my favorite television shows. I love Christmas specials. And, Christmas movies might be my very favorite thing about the holiday season!

We’ll watch the classics & family favorites over and over again. Every year. Is there anything better than curling up on the couch on a cold day with nothing to do buy watch movies?

Just add popcorn, holiday pretzels and cocoa, and you’ve got my perfect winter day.

Movie marathons are not strictly a holiday event around here. It’s a great treat for the girls to hear we’re having a family movie night. They like to guess what we’re watching and love knowing the popcorn is coming out. We even have several popcorn tubs, from the Target dollar section.

Our holiday movie marathon is planned for a weekday this year, which means we’ll start the day with cartoons & their favorites. We love to share my childhood favorites with the girls, so those will come out when the hubby gets home. If I have my way, the marathon will continue straight through their bedtime, when we can watch movies that might not be child appropriate.

Scrooged tops that list—what are your holiday favorites?

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