Family Fun Memberships that Save

Kids? At the Children's Museum?

One of our favorite things to do in the winter is visit the children’s museum. It isn’t free (although they do have a free day once per month) but investing in a family membership sure makes it feel that way when I’m looking for something to break cabin fever. You can purchase a membership to museums, zoos, theme parks and just about anything else that requires tickets.

For our children’s museum, it costs $15.50 for an adult and $10.50 for a child. Our family of 5 would pay $62.50 to visit the museum just once. If we go just twice all year, we have paid for our $125 membership. Just one more trip means we save a good chunk of money. We actually tend to go about once each month so it’s a great deal for our family!

Having a membership means we get the chance to enjoy the museum at times when we wouldn’t otherwise have spent the money. I can meet a friend in the preschool zone to chat for an hour while our little play, take the girls one afternoon just to check out the new exhibit and even enjoy a kid-free afternoon exploring with my husband. Most memberships come with additional benefits too—free extras, gift shop discounts or special events. We get free carousel rides at every visit!

Where can you become members in your area?


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