Locks of Love: Free Haircut

The teen has been growing her hair out for years. Years.

Last year, after years of nothing more than a trim, she announced she wanted short hair again. Of course, I’ve heard this before, only to walk out with hair barely an inch shorter than she when she arrived.

Still, we made the trek into Great Clips — because I’m all about saving money on haircuts. Since she was planning to cut off more than 10 inches, I encouraged her to donate her hair to Locks of Love.

Not only do they use donated hair to make wigs for cancer patients, but several salons offer FREE haircuts for donation! Great Clips is one of the participating salons—look for the Locks of Love decal in your salon window.

The hair must be bundled for them to be able to use it. This means the stylist needs to put the hair into a ponytail before making the first, big cut. (We have also bundled 2 pigtails, when a ponytail would have shortened the hair more than we wanted.)

The teen ended up getting nearly 15 inches cut that day—including a 13-inch ponytail that we donated. It was a win-win for everyone involved! She got a new, shorter style she loves. I got to save money with a free haircut. And, Locks of Love can use the 13 inches of gorgeous blonde hair to help someone in need.

Does it get any better?


  1. Christina Johanning says

    I am going to donate 10inches of my hair to locks of love and need a coupon for a free hair cut.

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