Ultimate Cloth Review & Freebie

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I often sing the praises of microfiber towels as an affordable, green way to clean inexpensively on a regular basis. When Ultimate Cloth America asked me to try their product, I couldn’t wait to compare the results. The Ultimate Cloth is a cleaning product showcasing the patented Mirafiber technology. It is an eco-friendly way to clean any hard surface with nothing but water.

When I read that I could clean my mirrors with just this towel and water, I was skeptical. Yet, it was the very first thing I tried when the cloth arrived. I highly doubted their claims of streak free glass without chemicals. As I was cleaning, it looked like I would need to pull out the Windex or vinegar & water mixture to start all over again. I was all set to take them up on their money back guarantee (expect for the part where I didn’t pay for mine!) when the mirror dried. Streak free. Hmmm…okay, then.

As long as we’re in the bathroom, let’s try this thing on the icky rust stains around the faucet. Gone. Well, not gone—attached to the mirafiber cloth. Next up was the stair rails since I was completely ready to believe the rest of their claims, including the part that says Ultimate Cloth is lab tested to remove 96% of bacteria, without the use of chemicals. I obviously didn’t test my stair rail and door knobs after cleaning, but we did have one child sick recently without passing it to the rest of the family.

I am completely sold on this cloth, even with its relatively high price tag. At $6 each, I was concerned about sharing this with my frugal readers, but this will hold up through several washes—making it more than worth the cost. Eliminating the expense and waste of paper towels puts the Ultimate Cloth right in line with my budget. You can also purchase a pack of 15 clothes for only $45—half price!

Of course, you know I’m all about the deals too and we’re not without one here! They are giving a free Ultimate Cloth to their Facebook fans, you’ll pay only $2.99 for shipping & handling. They are also just getting started on Twitter, so be sure to follow Ultimate Cloth for future offers!

There are numerous products and tools designed to help you live your life. Some will work, while others won’t. Each Tuesday, we’ll share something we’ve tried so you won’t have to spend money until you know it’s worth it! Our selections usually include items that will also save your family money while others will save you time or just make your inexpensive life easier to manage. I received a free cloth to try for our readers, but the opinion is 100% real.

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