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Reusable Bags & Coupon Organization

grocery bagYou see reusable grocery bags everywhere now, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. The bags usually only cost around $1.00, and hold much more than the plastic or paper bags traditionally used. I am slightly addicted to the bags and have amassed quite a collection.

I own a bag from practically every retail store I’ve ever stepped foot in. I have devised a way to use my massive collection of grocery bags to work for me. The environmental benefits are obvious, but these can be an easy organizational tool too. I use my weekly coupon clipping system along with my grocery bags to make saving money even easier.

I set aside one bag for each store where I shop regularly (usually, this is a bag I have actually purchased at said store). They are good not just to carry groceries home, but to sort coupons. Most bags have an insert designed to provide a hard base for your purchases. I have attached a paper clip to the insert to hold my coupons and shopping list; everything I need is in one place when it is time to shop.

During weeks when I plan to visit more than one store (sometimes, I just can’t resist the deals), I put my grocery list & a set of coupons in a bag for each store, keep them in my car and stop at the store fully prepared as my schedule allows. I save time, money, and the planet with one simple, organizational system.

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  • Elizabeth October 28, 2009 @1:25PM Reply

    Great ideas! Thanks!


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