How to Clean with Reusable Swiffer Cloths (video)

Friday Girl TV is a new lifestyle show featuring musician, blogger & urban adventurer October Rose. Twice each month, she explores Atlanta, providing an all girl-guide to the community as well as art, business, lifestyle, culture and more. It is Friday Girl TV’s goal to encourage, educate and entertain audiences while uplifting the overall image of women and women’s interests in society. We are Girl Fridays of all things interesting, fabulous and cosmopolitan.

I have partnered with Friday Girl TV to provide money-saving & green living tips for their Friday Girl-tini segments. In between Friday Girl episodes, you’ll find a quick, action tip to improve your cosmo life! My first segment aired at the end of last year, but you’ll start seeing my tips throughout 2010. Check out my first video on greening your cleaning routine with simple instructions on reusable Swiffer cloths. (But, don’t look too closely—it was pre-Yummie Tummie!)


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