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How to Use Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com certificates can reduce your dining expenses and introduce your family to fabulous local restaurants you might not otherwise have found. They are part coupon, part gift certificate and an all over great deal! You choose a restaurant in your area, then select either $25 or $10 value (the $25 certificates are usually the best value) to add to your cart. Enter your coupon code (if you don’t have one, just wait—a new deal is always coming!), then checkout. Your coupons will be in your Restaurant.com account to print at anytime prior to the expiration date (one-year after purchase).

You may only use one certificate per visit and there are often restrictions. Most certificates have a minimum purchase requirement. Others have exclusions, like alcohol, taxes and gratuity. On the subject of gratuity, be sure to tip your server on the full value of your meal, not the discounted amount. Very rarely, a restaurant will drop the program before you have the opportunity to use it. In these cases, Restaurant.com will allow you to select a different offer. You’ll find a variety of participating restaurants to choose from every day—you just might find a new favorite!

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