Dining on Vacation

luggageYou are spending plenty of money just to get there. Don’t let your budget get out of control while you are away. Food is one expense that is easy to scale back, without taking away from the joy of your vacation.

  • Stick with fast, easy breakfast from your hotel room. You will want to get on the beach or to the theme pack quickly anyway so avoid a sit down meal first thing in the morning. Cereal bars, pop-tarts and juice boxes are easy to pack or purchase when you arrive at your destination.
  • Make lunch your larger meal of the day. It is good to sit down, out of the sun, in the middle of the day anyway. Plus, lunch menus tend to have lower prices than dinner.
  • Consider purchasing the Entertainment book for your destination. The coupons can help save a lot of money on your meals for the week. This is actually how I found my favorite Chicago pizzeria. It is fun to try the local flavor, with a little discount on the side.
  • Definitely avoid the mini-fridge and room service. They are phenomenally overpriced. If you are a snacker, pack some things of your own or buy them at a grocery store near your hotel. You can do the same with bottled water.
  • Bring your own water bottle as well to cut down on beverage expenses throughout the day.

The best part is if you pack your food in a suitcase, you will have an empty suitcase to store your souvenirs for the return trip!