Daily Deal Sites: Not Just for Restaurant Discounts

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Many people have seen, or heard about the new craze: Daily Deals. Basically, websites have been popping up that offer great deals when people buy “collectively”. This just means a bunch of people buy the deal and if it hits the “required” amount, everyone gets the awesome deal offered.

The most well-known is Groupon. It was the one that sky rocketed into a new dimension last year and has just kept growing. Many have come into existence, like Buy With Me, Deal On, Roozt and many more. I belong to basically ALL OF THEM. It’s not because I am obsessed, it’s because I like to share them with my readers. They know I’m all about finding frugal ways to enjoy great restaurants, hotels and more.

However, many don’t think about these deal sites for the necessities in life. Such as dental care. Recently I was sent a fantastic Groupon Deal on Long Island. My husband and I do NOT have dental insurance. It’s just not offered through his company. Dental appointments, just to have a cleaning and x-rays done, are expensive. It had been a long time since either of us had been to the dentist. It was time. I had been pricing them out, trying to find one that was reputable, but also affordable. Not easy. Then, one day, I opened up my email and there it was, a Groupon Deal from a local dentist! Cleaning, x-rays and exam all for $49. Normally, it would cost $350. My heart sang, I heard birds chirping and…..oh wait, this is the dentist. That scenario is what happens when I visualize me winning the lottery without buying a lottery ticket.

So there it was, the Groupon for the dentist. I ran up the stairs, showed my husband and told him BUY these for US NOW! And he did. And we went. Long overdue and we now have to figure out how to pay for all the work that has to be done, BUT we never would have been able to go without that Groupon Deal.

The moral of my frugal story is this……Daily Deal sites like Groupon aren’t just for finding restaurant deals, or discounts on hotel rooms. You can find great things for your body, health and well-being. Dentist visit, sessions with a nutritionist, healthy meals cooked for you and delivered to your home, or even a gym membership. Think about signing up for a few!

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