31 Days to a Better Budget

On January 1st, we all get to start fresh—a new year, a new chance to get control of our lives. And, it all starts with the budget. We’re kicking off 2011 with an awesome series to help you get a better handle on your finances. Learn how to budget from scratch, or tweak an existing one.

Step by step, we’ll walk through the process of creating, lowering and using a household budget to improve your life. Each day of January will offer new tips, ideas and a challenge to start the year with a solid financial plan. Join us daily, work each step throughout the year, or catch up later—whenever you have 31 days to devote to a better budget.

Pay off debt, build the emergency fund, save for a vacation, pay your mortgage off early—what you do with the money you’ll find in your new budget, is up to you! We’d also love to hear about your progress—comment along the way, stop by our Facebook community and share your success with the #31DayBudget hashtag on Twitter. Members of Team Inexpensively are also joining the challenge and would love to cheer you on!

31 Day Budget

I’m not a financial planner or a budget expert. I’ll just be walking you through the steps I take each time my budget needs an adjustment. In fact, I’ll be participating myself!